届时LY2YR(Gintas)将在40.220 MHz上传送数据,S50B(Borut)在40.680 MHz进行数据传送,两个电台将在自动重播模式下使用克隆程序WSJT-Z,欢迎给他们反馈收听报告。


Info from LY2YR…. "Announcement. From 08.01 to 08.15 will work two FT8 Robots (auto-replay mode WSJT-Z),  LY2YR at 40.220 MHz and  the second S50B at 40.680 MHz. For EI / S5 tests during daytime from ~10 to 21 local time, no qsl. Only to CQ calls will be answered, multiple answers will also available. CQ mode by request via the messenger."


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